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Your Signature Skills


Everyone has their own writing signature, that signature is an identifying marker that’s unique to you. Now that does mean someone might not copy your signature. In the end your signature represents you. Well that’s exacting where Signature Skills come in. I know that each individual hockey player can develop their own set of signature skills.

No two players skate exactly the same, shoot the same, pass the same, check the same, etc. etc. Each player is on their own path of development in their own set of signature skills. If you were to take a picture of the knobs on the sticks of all the players on any NHL team, you would see not one knob is exactly the same as any other. This is also true in skill development, every player is developing their own set of signature skills.

Now you can model after another player’s signature skills but they will never be exactly the same as that player you are modeling. One example you may have heard of is Connor Bedard and that he modeled his shooting release after Auston Matthew, if you watch the two shooting releases closely you will see that they are similar at times but they are very different. Connor Bedard has created his own Signature Release. Also the obvious answer of Auston is left handed & Connor is right handed for shooting.

“No two players skate exactly the same, shoot the same or pass the same. Each player has their own set of signature skills.”

Over time we will spend more time talking about Technical Skills in hockey and helping you find your own Signature’s in your development.

Here’s a question: which is the most important Signature Skill?

This will bring many arguments and discussions, in further articles I will discuss my opinions…because I’m always right and we will get you all the right answers.

Here’s another question, what are the two most overlooked and underdeveloped Signature Skills in Hockey?

In the 1st paragraph I mention one of the skills…and the other I left out…again I will set myself up for a debate on these skills…and my opinion but I will put the thousands of on-ice development hours up against anyone else’s opinion. These two skills will also be the difference in any male or female playing PRO hockey for any length of time…and I will give you a hint…the answer is not skating.

Stay tuned we will spend time on the topic of Signature Skills…and I’m kidding I’m not always right but I am always learning…

Get ready to start working on your Signature…

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Eric Morrissette

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