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The Passionate Parent (or-P2 Parents)


Some passionate parents have taken ridicule in my years of coaching hockey.  These parents are always mentioned in statements like ” Oh they’re just like that because they think their son is going to the NHL”. Oh they’re just doing that because they think their daughter is better than everyone else. These parents are usually the ones that are pushing the system for better coaching, more ice time, physical training, mental training, start hockey academies, start leagues, and more more more…  They push the system

—- The System —- is any framework provided or suggested by the National, Provincial, State or Local Minor Hockey Association for Hockey Development at all levels from Initiation (U7)to Major Midget AAA (U18) and beyond to Junior Levels.

These parents push the system, because they want what the system is not always providing. I’m talking about the parents of the athletes that are in the top 5 to 15% of their age groups at all levels of hockey. These parents are also investing outside the regular system on their athletes to get more development time. The parents of these athletes/players are sometimes referred to as being crazy hockey parents because they are so highly invested with time and $.

We’re not going to refer to these P2 parents (Passionate Parents)as crazy but refer to them as pioneers or ambassadors. Without P2 parents the game of hockey at the elite, junior or Pro levels world-wide wouldn’t be where it is now or in the future without these parents. 

Just think for a second when seeing a player at the next NHL game or any pro league male or female would that player be there without the support of passionate parents?

We are dedicated to working with parents and players that are passionate about hockey. We will continue to bring you the player or the parent more information supporting you in your dreams and goals.

We want to help you through your hockey journey.

“Let’s Play”

Walter Gretzky would have lived what it means to be a Passionate Parent…

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