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The Importance Of Modelling


Modelling —

use (a system, procedure, etc.) as an example to follow or imitate.

“the research method will be modeled on previous work”

Definition of Modelling from Oxford

Ray and I would discuss modelling with our players all the time. Ray gives a very clear definition for modelling in the skills involved for goalscoring in his video. Rays ability to demonstrate elite skills was also a great form of Modelling. Players could easily see from a demonstration what the skills necessary were to complete a move or particular play or skill.

Modelling will be a key characteristic to any players overall development. Many players today are using videos for the purpose of modelling, Instagram and YouTube are used for this every day. I would say the #1 modeled move in hockey today that comes from one player on YouTube executing a move is referred to as the “Michigan. Its gone from one player executing and scoring with the move, to now hundreds at various levels and ages.

I’ve mentioned when I asked Ray how he learned the techniques for goalscoring he said “ I watched Gretzky and Lemieux and I just did what they did. Connor Bedard is also a perfect example of modelling in hockey to advance your game play. Its been documented that Connor models his shooting release to Austin Matthews another elite goal scorer. Every elite player will use some form of modelling to create what we call your own “Signature” skills. More on signature skills later and in other articles.

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